Course Description

This 1-day SQL Advanced Querying training course takes students beyond basic queries using SQL. Students will learn advanced queries as well as how to add, update, and delete data, tables, views, and indexes.They will also be introduced to transaction control concepts involving locking as well as COMMIT and ROLLBACK processes.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use advanced techniques for querying a database.
  • Query with sub-queries.
  • Add data to a database.
  • Change and delete data from a database.
  • Create, alter, and delete tables.
  • Create, use, and delete views.
  • Create and delete indexes.
  • Manage how data is altered through the use of transactions.
  • Create and drop databases.



Attendance at our SQL Fundamentals of Querying training course or equivalent knowledge.


Who is this course for?

Students enrolling in this course should understand the basics of querying a database with the SQL command language. They should be comfortable issuing SELECT queries against one or more tables and understand fundamental query concepts, such as inner joins, outer joins, and self-joins. While this course uses Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle for practical purposes, it is also suitable for users of any other RDBMS, such as MySQL, Sybase, or DB2.

Querying with unions and advanced joins

Querying multiple tables with unions
Advanced Joins
Calculating with COMPUTE

Querying with sub-queries


Adding data

Inserting data

Updating and removing data

Updating records
Deleting records
Deleting the contents of tables

Working with Tables, Views and Indexes

Creating tables
Modifying tables
Deleting tables
Adding and removing views
Adding and removing indexes

Ensuring data integrity with transactions


Creating databases

Creating a database with SQL
Deleting a database