Course Description

After completing this 1-day Excel 2010 VBA Programming training course , students will know how to:

  • Use VBA terminology and start Visual Basic Editor (VBE), save workbooks in a macro-enabled file format,
  • Work with object properties and methods,
  • Attach code to events and buttons,
  • Use the Object Browser to get information about objects,
  • Use variables with various data types,
  • Manipulate data by using expressions,
  • Get input from the user,
  • Declare and use variables with the correct scope,
  • Declare and use procedures with the correct scope,
  • Create Sub and Function procedures,
  • Call one procedure from another,
  • Use decision structures to create procedures that execute code based on specific conditions,
  • Use loop structures to execute specific code repeatedly,
  • Add a user form to a project and add controls to the user form,
  • Handle events attached to controls in a user form,
  • Validate the data entry in the controls,
  • Identify compile-time, runtime, and logical errors in code, use the debugging tools,
  • Write error-handling code to trap errors.


Attendance at our Excel 2010 Advanced training course or equivalent experience.

Who is this Course for ?

Advanced users of Excel 2010 who need to add the power of Visual Basic programming to their Excel models.

Further Training

Course content

Visual Basic Editor
Visual Basic for Applications
Object programming
The Object Browser
Programming Basics
Data basics
Scope of variables
Scope of procedures
Control Structures
Decision structures
Loop structure
Custom Dialog Boxes
User forms
Debugging and Error Handling
Error handling