Course Description

This 3-day Java Spring Framework training course introduces the Spring Framework, the leading full-stack framework for Java EE applications.

Topics covered include:

  • the Spring container,
  • dependency injection,
  • data validation,
  • aspect-oriented programming,
  • the JDBC Template,
  • the Hibernate Template.

A Web application is also presented to illustrate the use of the Spring Web MVC framework.


A good working knowledge of basic Java, JDBC, and Servlets/JSP. A minimum of attendance at our Java Programming Introduction training course or equivalent experience.

Who is this Course for ?

Java developers and architects who wish to explore a popular, open-source alternative to traditional Java EE programming.

Further Training

Course content

Introduction to Spring
What is Spring?
Overview of the Spring Framework
Spring Philosophies
Spring Documentation
Java 5 Language Features
A First Look at Spring
A Simple Example
Wiring Beans
Configuring a Properties File
Schema-Based Configuration
Beans & Containers
Spring Containers
Spring Configuration File
Spring Beans
Using the Container
The BeanFactory Interface
Singleton vs. Prototype
Bean Naming
Dependency Injection
Setter Injection
Constructor Injection
The Application Context
The ApplicationContext Interface
Accessing Application Components
Accessing Resources
Internationalization with MessageSource
Application Events
Data Validation & Conversion
The Validator Interface
The Errors Interface
The ValidationUtils Class
Validator Example
Testing the Validator
Property Editors
Custom Property Editors
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Aspect-Oriented Programming
AOP Concepts
AOP Proxies
The AOP Alliance
Types of Advice
AOP Example
Using JDBC with Spring
A Simpler Approach
The JdbcTemplate Class
Exception Translation
Updating with the JdbcTemplate
Queries using the JdbcTemplate
Mapping Results to Java Objects
Using Hibernate with Spring
What is Hibernate?
Hibernate Sessions
The HibernateTemplate
Sample Class and Mapping File
Creating and Saving a New Entity
Locating an Existing Entity
Updating an Existing Entity
Hibernate Query Language
Executing Queries
Spring Web MVC – Part 1
Spring Web MVC
The DispatcherServlet
Writing a Controller
A Simple View Page
Configuring the Controller
Adding a View Resolver
Adding a Message Bundle
Adding Business Classes
Adding Test Data
Accessing a Database
Adding a Form
Updating the Database
Integrating Hibernate
Spring Web MVC – Part 2
Handler Mappings
View Resolution
Chaining View Resolvers