Course Description

This 2-day Java Hibernate Framework training course introduces Hibernate, a popular open-source object/relational mapping (ORM) tool that helps Java developers store and access persistent objects. Topics covered include;

  • Hibernate configuration,
  • the Hibernate mapping file,
  • inheritance,
  • collections,
  • associations,
  • Hibernate Query Language (HQL).


Students should have Java programming experience and knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL).

Who is this course for?

Java developers creating or maintaining applications that use a relational database and Java SE or Java EE, Java developers and architects investigating ORM alternatives.

Further Training

After some further on-the-job programming experience with the Java platform, we also recommend students attend our Java Programming Advanced training course to gain higher-level skills in the usage of Java.

Course Content

Getting Started with Hibernate
What is Hibernate?
Preparing to Use Hibernate
Configuring Hibernate
Hibernate Sessions
Writing Classes for Hibernate Applications
Creating & Saving a New Entity
Locating an Existing Entity
Updating an Existing Entity
Deleting an Entity
Executing an HQL Query
Schema Generation
Programmatic Configuration
Mapping Persistent Classes
The Hibernate Mapping File
Entities & Values
Class Mappings
Hibernate Types
Derived & Generated Properties
Mapping Value Types
Key Generators
Compound Keys
Mapping Class Inheritance
Table Per Class Hierarchy
Table Per Subclass
Table Per Concrete Class
Using Implicit Polymorphism
Collections & Associations
Mapping Collections
Collections of Component
Implementing Associations
Mapping Associations
The inverse Attribute
Hibernate Query Language
HQL Basics
HQL Expressions
HQL Functions
Polymorphic Queries
Executing Queries
Scrollable Results
Named Queries
Associations & Joins
Inner Joins
Outer Joins
Appendix A: Hibernate Annotations
Using Annotations
Simple Example