Course Description

This 3-day Java Fundamentals training course will enable students to read and understand Java code, to become familiar with the Java platform libraries, to appreciate the object-oriented nature of Java, and to maintain and make simple modifications to existing Java code. It is not intended to be a complete introduction to Java for professional software developers.


Knowledge of a programming language. Knowledge of C or C++ is not a specific requirement.

Who is this course for?

This course is for newcomers to the Java platform. It is suitable for Solution Architects, Software Testers and any other IT Practitioner who needs to understand and use Java at a level that does not call for an in-depth knowledge of the language. This course is not intended for professional software developers and designers.

Further Training

After some further on-the-job programming experience with the Java platform, we also recommend students attend our Java Programming Advanced training course to gain higher-level skills in the usage of Java.

Course Content

Getting Started with Java SE
What is Java?
How to Get Java
A First Java Program
Compiling & Interpreting Applications
The JDK Directory Structure
Language Fundamentals
A Java Program
If Statements
Switch Statements
Loop Statements
Syntax Details
Primitive Datatypes
Expressions in Java
Enhanced for Loop
Objects and Classes
Defining a Class
Creating an Object
Instance Data & Class Data
Access Modifiers
Using Java Objects
Printing to the Console
printf() Format Strings
StringBuilder and StringBuffer
Methods and Messages
Parameter Passing
Comparing and Identifying Objects
Destroying Objects
Using the Primitive-Type Wrapper Classes
Inheritance in Java
Inheritance in Java
Method Overriding
The Object Class
Advanced Inheritance & Generics
Enumerated Types – Pre-Java 5.0
Enumerated Types Today
More Enumerated Types
Abstract Classes
Using Interfaces
The import Statement
Static Imports
CLASSPATH and Import
Defining Packages
Package Scope
Exception Handling

Exceptions Overview
Catching Exceptions
The finally Block
Exception Methods
Declaring Exceptions
Defining and Throwing Exceptions
Errors and Runtime Exceptions

Input/Output Streams
Overview of Streams
Bytes vs. Characters
Converting Byte Streams to Character Streams
File Object
Binary Input & Output
PrintWriter Class
Reading and Writing Objects
Basic and Filtered Streams
Core Collection Classes
The Collections Framework
The Set Interface
Set Implementation Classes
The List Interface
List Implementation Classes
The Queue Interface
Queue Implementation Classes
The Map Interface
Map Implementation Classes
Collection Sorting & Tuning
Using Java 5.0 Features with Collections
Sorting with Comparable
Sorting with Comparator
Sorting Lists and Arrays
Collections Utility Methods
Tuning ArrayList
Tuning HashMap and HashSet