Course Description

This AJAX for Java Developers training course covers the most current server-side and client-side AJAX frameworks as well as topics such as Javascript Object Notation (JSON), JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Direct Web Remoting (DWR).

This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts. It will enable students to build working AJAX applications, and give them an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a browser-based technology for creating highly interactive Web applications by updating parts of a Web page with new data without reloading the whole page. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are transforming the Web and AJAX is the leading technology in this realm.


Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript and practical Java and Servlet/JSP programming experience with Java-based Web applications.


Who is this course for?

For  Java platform Web developers using AJAX (about 2/3 of the course does not require JAVA knowledge) and Java developers who need to work with AJAX-based Web applications.

Course content

Overview of AJAX

What are Rich Internet Aopplications?
What is AJAX?
AJAX, JavaScript & DHTML
How AJAX Works
Overview of AJAX Technologies

Basics of JavaScript for Browsers

JavaScript & DHTML Overview
Using JavaSCript in a Web Page
Basic JavaScript Programming
Functions in JavaScript
Debugging JavaScript
Accessing HTML Elements
Modifications using innerHTML


The XMLHttpRequest Object
Using XMLHttpRequest
Working with Browser Differences
Your First AJAX Application
Using AJAX Data to Modify Page

AJAX Server-Side Java - Basic

Servlet/JSP Overview
Handling AJAX Requests
Returning Data to AJAX Requests
Using JSP Pages to Generate AJAX Datad

More JavaScript for AJAX

Browser Events
Using AJAX with Browser Events
Using Built-in Objects
Creating Objects in JavaScript
Objects as Function Arguments
Accessing Page Elements with the DOM

Client-Side AJAX Frameworks

Overview- Prototype, Dojo, etc.
Prototype Overview
Using Protype ($(), Ajax.Request) Overview
Servlet/JSP Generation of Data
Dojo Toolkit Overview

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS Overview
Using CSS to Customise Autocomplete Display

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

JSON Data Structure
Objects & Arrays
Working with JSON in the Browser
Using JSON on the Server with Java
Other JSON Tools Overview


The x in AJAX
Why use XML, and why not
Working with XML in the Browser
Generating XML on the Server with Java

Direct Web Remoting (DWR) - Java via AJAX

DWR Architecture
Invoking Java Functions from the Browser
Registering Callbacks
Additional Capabilities
Google Web Toolkit – GWT

JAX & Java Server Faces (JSF)

Ajax4jsf Overview
Using Ajax4jsf
Ajax4jsf Components
The RichFaces Component Library