Course Description

This 1-day Access 2010 Intermediate training course is suitable for students who are already familiar with Access 2010. This course highlights the structure and relationships within an Access 2010 database as well as more advanced types of queries. The course also introduces the concept of automation through cascades, lookups, calculated fields, functions and summary queries.

After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Normalize tables, analyze tables, and view object dependencies;
  • Set table relationships;
  • Implement referential integrity between related tables;
  • Set cascading deletes and updates;
  • Create lookup fields and multi-valued fields;
  • Modify lookup field properties;
  • Use a subdatasheet to add data to related tables;
  • Create join queries;
  • Create calculated fields in a query;
  • Use queries to view summarized and grouped data;
  • Add unbound controls, graphics, and calculated fields to a form;
  • Create multiple-item forms, split forms, datasheet forms, and subforms;
  • Add headers and footers in a report;
  • Use functions to add calculated values in a report;
  • Print database objects and database documents;
  • Create labels;
  • Create and modify charts in forms and reports;
  • Create and modify PivotTables, create PivotCharts, and create PivotTable forms.



Attendance at our Access 2010 Introduction training course or equivalent experience.

Who is this course for?

For students who already have experience with Access 2010 and who need to know how to work with Access 2010 at a deeper level.

Further Training

The next training course in our Access 2010 series is Access 2010 Advanced.

Course content

Relational Databases
Database normalization
Table relationships
Referential integrity
Related tables
Creating lookup fields
Modifying lookup fields
Complex Queries
Joining tables in queries
Using calculated fields
Summarizing and grouping values
Advanced Form Design
Adding unbound controls
Adding calculated values
Adding combo boxes
Advanced form types
Reports and Printing
Customized headers and footers
Calculated values
Charts in forms
Charts in reports
PivotTables and PivotCharts
Modifying PivotTables
PivotTable forms